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The Kronos Digital Asset Group is dedicated to educating the ordinary person with the knowledge to navigate the cryptocurrency space and invest in one of the most disruptive technologies since the birth of the internet. Kronos Digital Asset Group teaches investors how to navigate the crypto markets, including buying, selling and trading digital currencies, and offers crypto 101 webinars that dive into the basics of digital currencies and the blockchain. We also shows clients how to monitor their investments and decrease their risk of losing money. Kronos looks to empower the underrepresented populations in society. Cryptocurrency investing should not be reserved for only institutional investors and traditional businesses.


Rodneil Harris

Rodneil Harris Co-Founder, Kronos Digital Asset Group. Rodneil a long-time entrepreneur and an expert in data management, network security, data recovery. He is adept at translating complex, technical features and functionalities into easy to understand concepts. Rodneil is a senior Network/Security Engineer and previously held positions as an IT Technician, Server Engineer, Backup Engineer and moonlighted as a computer programmer. Rodneil is an evangelist for Crypto and Blockchain technology. The future is where Tech and Finance meet. He holds a B.S. from Brooklyn College in Software Engineering as well as several industry certifications.

Portia Niles

Portia Niles, a nativeNew Yorker and Co-Founder of Kronos Digital Asset Group  is not your typical accountant. She is a lover of all things Digital Assets ..She believes the “Revolution will be Digitized “. Portia received her BS  in accounting from Hampton University. From there she started her journey into the alternative investments world, from Mutual Funds, to PE/VC to Hedge funds. Her path to Crypto currency was inevitable when she landed her last role as a Senior Associate at a Denver based CryptoCurrency Hedge Fund Admin.